Four Monocoupes and their owners

The following photos were posted by Dan McNeill on the Monocoupe Facebook Group.

The following four Monocoupes attended the Luscombe flyin at Columbia, CA this past weekend.

Eldon Iler and NC11782, a Model 90A with a Warner 145:

Brant Seghetti and NC15440, a Model 90A with the Warner 145:

Chris Galloway and NC18056, a Model 90A with the Warner 145:

Rick Atkins and NC110SP, a Model 110 Special, clipwing, with a Warner 185:

What an honor to see these four Monocoupes together!  Thanks for flying them in.

Pictures coming in from Columbia 2017

The 2017 Luscombe gathering is happening this weekend (May 20,21) at Columbia, CA (O22) and pictures of Monocoupes attending the fly in are beginning to appear on Facebook, primarily from the Luscombe Group.

I’ll be adding them here as I see them.

Here are two pictures of Eldon Iler’s 90A (with Warner 145) NC11782:



Brant Seghetti is on his way in NC15440:


Looks like Brant made it (picture posted to the Luscombe Group by Allen John Olson):


Great picture below, posted by Brant.  From left to right:

NC15440,  Monocoupe 90A, with Warner 145

NC11782,  Monocoupe 90A, with Warner 145

NC1025, Luscombe Phantom, with Warner 145

NC18056, Monocoupe 90A, with Warner 145

NC110SP, Monocoupe 110 Special, “Clipwing”, with Warner 185

Monocoupe 110 For Sale

Aero Digest, October 1934


Powered with Warner 110, this ship has consistently

won speed events in 550 cu. in, approved type class.

Ship and motor have less than 475 hours and recent

major overhaul at Warner factory. First $1500 cash

offer takes this bargain. Will demonstrate anywhere

on guarantee of expense.


Bettis Airport, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Phone: Homestead 3480 Homestead 1616

Monosport NC8974

In mid-1929, Henry A. “Tony” Little bought one of the first Warner-powered “Monosport” for sport-flying and air-racing.  In approximately 3 years time, the little “Monosport” and its deft pilot had completed in 87 closed-course races, finishing first in 51 events and second in 27 events.  This “fast-flying duo” were also contenders in 7 cross-country derbies, taking a first in 3 of them and a second in two of them.  Such performance and unflinching stamina was not unusual in Mono-built aircraft.