NC12350 at the Monocoupe factoryNC12350’s History describes how Tony Little, the plane’s first owner, successfully raced NC12350 in over 60 events between 1932 and 1936. Tony also loaned NC12350 to Charles Lindbergh on numerous ocassions.


Original project partsThe Restoration Project section documents the restoration of NC12350. NC12350 last flew in 1968 and when I purchased the project in 2000 it was a “basket case” requiring a substantial restoration. I hope this section will be a useful resource to other Monocoupe owners who are restoring their ships to flying status.

Monocoupe 110 3 viewsResources for Monocoupe Restorers provides useful links to Monocoupe, Warner and Lambert Type Certificate Data Sheets, useful information for maintaining Warner motors, scanned copies of original Monocoupe literature, 3-view drawings, links to photo albums of Monocupes and scanned articles about Monocoupes which have appeared in various aviation magazines over the years.

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