Bob Buck – “Battling The Elements”

Bob Buck Battling the Elements Route

On November 10, 1933, Bob Buck and Bob “Nick” Nixon departed on an 8,000 mile journey in Bob Buck’s 1930 Monocoupe Model 90, N193K, SN 527, powered by the Lambert 5 cylinder radial engine. In his book, “Battling The Elements”, Bob Buck chronicles their amazing journey.

While reading the book, I discovered that their first night stop was to visit Tony Little, who at that time, owned my Monocoupe, NC12350:

Family, friends and the usual newspaper men were all present at the Newark airport when we took off. It was a biter cold day, and we were glad when it came time to leave. The engine was warmed up, a last good bye said to every one, and we taxied down the field.

To the casual observer it was just another airplane take-off — but to s what significance it held! It meant that a trip which had taken some five months of trials and tribulations to prepare for was at last started. It meant that the beginning of an eight-thousand mile flight that was to take us over mountains, deserts, tropical jungles and long water-hops, in a small ninety horse power airplane. With a feeling of happy anticipation of what lay before us, we headed south. It was great to be off!

At Philadelphia we called a halt. It was Nick’s old home town, and a few more good byes were in order. We stopped at the beautiful Pylon Club at Patco Field, Norristown, Pennsylvania, and enjoyed the hospitality of Tony Little, famous sportsman and racing pilot.

Bob Buck departs Newark in NC193K

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