You don’t see too many pictures of N606G, which was restored by John Glatz.  It is now hanging in the terminal at Lambert Field in St. Louis.  This picture was on the rear cover of Vintage Airplane, a long time ago.



Updated 12/16/2017:  Here is a picture of Joh Glatz standing in front of N606G.

John Glatz EAA Vintage Sep 1975

Walt Bowe’s Clipwing

UPDATED 3/3/2017 with link to NC2347 flyby posted on the Monocoupe Group on Facebook by Jim Rollison – scroll down for video.

Walt Bowe recently acquired N2347, a 1933 Monocoupe 110 Special. Walt and Brant Seghetti posted some pictures of N2347 on the Monocoupe Aircraft Group on Facebook.

Walt Bowe 110 Special




Jim Rollison posted the following video of a NC2347 flyby: