Don Schmidt’s Monocoupe 110 is for sale – UPDATED


UPDATED 10–5-2013 I heard from Wayne Muxlow via e-mail last night that this airplane has been donated to the HARM Museum at Creve Couer airport.  Expected to be there around Thanksgiving 2013.

Posted tonight on the Monocoupe Group on Facebook:

Hello Monocoupe Friends, Unfortunately it’s time to think about selling our 1933 Monocoupe. Here are some details:

110 special long wing modified to a clipwing
engine 145 warner
hours: less than 25 hours on complete restoration
New “aeromatic” propeller
Restored to original as possible

Ultimately Dad would love for his pride and joy to be displayed in an aviation museum forever so that will be our first goal but we had to get the word out. Please feel free to share this information with everyone and contact me with any questions. I can be reached at

A little background….. my dad, Donovan Schmidt (retired Navy Commander), acquired the frame and parts in 1978 and spent about 25 years working on restoration before her first flight. He …is an artist and craftsman. He did metal work on the N9M Northrop Flying Wing for 13 years (which is now in the Chino Air Museum), metal, plastic and wood work on the Douglas M2 Mail plane which lives in the Smithsonian, metal on F8F, F7F and P51 in Chino Air Museum as well. We currently live in Camarillo, CA.

Thanks so much for your help!

First cross coat Poly Brush sprayed

Finally, some warm weather today and I was able to spray the first cross coat of Poly Brush on the underside of the elevators.  It has been too cold all week, but have been able to use that time to clean the shop and move quite a bit of “stuff” up to the hangars.  Also went through my complete air system and simplified it with fewer couplings.  And set up a new spray gun with a larger tip & nozzle more appropriate for Poly Brush/Spray/Tone.  So far so good.


Lots of parts lined up and ready to spray:


N501W update 4-3-13

Len Rulason posted an update of the progress on Jim White’s N501W clipwing.  The aircraft is based down at Chandler, AZ.  They got the wheel pants back from DJ Short and Len has been getting them mounted and ready for paint.

Len posted these pictures on the Monocoupe Aircraft Group on Facebook.  I like to cross-post some of this information and photos because, well frankly, there are a lot of people interested in Monocoupes who just don’t want to deal with Facebook.  But they do stop by here occasionally to see what’s going on.

N501W-wheel-pants-3 N501W-wheel-pants-2 N501W-wheel-pants-1 N501W-wheel-pants-4