NC2064 to North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum?

Saw the following post on Twitter yesterday by the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum:


This is the same museum that, last year, acquired Monocoupe 90A, NC18166, which had been owned and flown in air shows by Fred Ludtke. If NC2064, Monocoupe 110 Special, “Spirit of Dynamite” ends up at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum, then the museum would have both of these important ‘Coupes in house.

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Monocoupe 90AL N369H

Here is a link to an article that originally appeared in the September 1988 issue of Vintage Airplane about Ron Testerman’s newly restored Monocoupe 90AL.  The airplane was restored by Harmon Dickerson.  I met Ron at a local EAA meeting in Roanoke, VA, when I was going to graduate school at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

The aircraft is still on the FAA registry and is in Illinois.  Does anyone know it’s current status?

N369H-21 N369H-22