Fitting tapes and applying some varnish

Have been fitting straight tapes (not biased tapes) to the curved trailing edges of the elevators and the rudder. Here is one of the elevators, not completely fitted yet, but almost there. It need a little more work in the more curved areas. Since this picture was taken I finished applying tapes to the elevators.


Here is the rudder and you can see it is possible to get the straight tape to go around the curve with the help of an iron at 225 degrees.


Got a decent day up at the hangar and was apply to apply a final coat of Poly-Fiber varnish to the wood work. I still need to do the stringers and hope to do that on Saturday while waiting for the B-25 and other vintage military aircraft to arrive at Sedona.

final-coat-varnish-fuselage-1- final-coat-varnish-2-DL

What a nice shape to that fuselage!

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