Instrument panel ideas

panel404My thoughts on instrument panels have evolved towards simple and orginal as possible.  Things started to gel when Norman Cowell sent me the drawing to the left.  Clicking on the image will bring up a larger version.


monocoupe-instrument-panel-50The panels were pretty simple: airspeed, altimeter, compass, and maybe an inclinometer for “flight instruments” and tachometer, oil pressure and oil temperature for the “engine Instruments”.  Above  is a mock up of a possible panel, using some scrap wood in the shop.  I have all of the instruments in stock.  Throttle quadrant is done.  Two round circles to the right of the throttle quadrant are primer and cabin heat.  Fuel selector to the left of the throttle quadrant.  The square “panel” on the left is for mag switches and electrical switches and amp gauge if I install the wind driven generator.

cam-blazer-monocoupe-panel-blankThe panel will be an aluminum base, covered with thin wood veneer.  Here is the base for Cam Blazers plane.





Gary GulliatGary Gulliat did the same for his Model 90 and here it is covered with an olive burl.





The gallery show what the original Pioneer instruments looked like.

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