Lindbergh’s Monocoupe D-145 NX-211 (Updated)

Frank Kerner has posted two pictures of Lindbergh’s D-145 over at the Monocoupe Aircraft Group on Facebook.

Lindbergh-D145-1 Lindbergh-D145-2

This is the only picture of the instrument panel that I have ever seen.  The aircraft has been hanging in the terminal building at Lambert Field in St. Louis for many years and is owned by The Missouri Historical Society.  The ship was removed from the terminal while improvements were being made to the terminal.  Fortunately, this was before the tornado hit the terminal last year.  An interesting note from Harmon Dickerson posted on the Group Page:

A friend of mine the late Ed Howard discovered the airplane in the old Historical Society basement in the early 1960’s. I don’t think they even knew what it was. Parks assembled it for an event just before I started there in 1963. After that in went thru a number of years in very poor display-storage until the local EAA chapter fixed it for display in the terminal.

Here is a video of the plane being lowered from the terminal ceiling.

Here is an article about maintaining the airplane.

Here is an article about temporary display at the Mount Vernon airport.  I don’t know if this ever happened.

At the 1:10 minute mark of this video, you see Lindbergh walking up to this airplane and getting in, then taxiing away.

UPDATE March 30, 2013
Harmon Dickerson added the following two photos to the Monocoupe Aircraft group on Facebook


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