MP14 Powered Monocoupe Project for sale on Barnstormers

The ad is running now on Barnstormers:

M14P POWERED MONOCOUPE PROJECT • $25,000 • FOR SALE • 125% scale of a 90A Monocoupe, designed to be four place and powered by a 360 HP Russian M14-P engine. Most of the finished welding on the fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers and gear complete. Wood work nearly complete. Wings and ailerons are wood, sheeted and painted. Tanks in both wings. Cessna seats and rails. Custom made bump cowling. New Matco wheels, brakes and tires. Stainless steel firewall. All work professionally done. • Contact Charles A. Bashore, Owner – located Madison, AL USA • Telephone: 256-508-6755 . 256-772-3882 • Posted November 21, 2012

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