NC2064 is now at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum

NC2064 made it from western PA to the west coast via truck.  The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum hosted an event honoring the ship and Fred Ludtke.  The museum posted the following video on their YouTube channel:

Rick Ludtke posted the following pictures on the Monocoupe Aircraft Page on Facebook:

NC2064-July-2014-1 NC2064-July-2014-2 NC2064-July-2014-3 NC2064-July-2014-4

Since that event, Jim Jenkins, has been able to fly NC2064 and took her to the Arlington fly-in. The following pictures were posted on the General Aviation News Facebook Page.

NC2064-GANews-July-2014-1 NC2064-GANews-July-2014-2 NC2064-GANews3-July-2014-2

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