Warner 185X

John Worm is making great progress on his Warner 185X.  The first motor is coming off of the CNC machine.  There is a Warner 185X Group on Facebook where John posts updates and answers questions.  The following pictures are were posted on that Group page.

You can also get more information on his web page.

Cases are off the machine, first and second operations. Just have to do the bores for jugs and lifter guides. Induction housing jig is on the machine right now, and starting to run them by Friday. It’s been a long road to bring the Warner 185 back, but we’re finally in production!

Warner 185X-1 Warner 185X-6 Warner 185X-5

Warner 185X-2 Warner 185X-4

Sedona Airport Day, September 16, 2017

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
9 AM TO 3 PM
Join us for Sedona Airport Day on Saturday September 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sedona Airport would like to invite everyone to enjoy this free community event, and share in Sedona’s love for aviation! Free parking and free admission! The event will feature tons of exhibits including cool classic automobiles, trucks, and aircraft of all vintages; including former military, antique, home-built, and brand new aircraft.
This year Sedona Airport is excited to announce that EAA chapter 856 from Flagstaff will be bringing pilots and aircraft in to give free rides and introduce young people to aviation! EAA Young Eagles Program allows kids 8-17 years old to sign up to take a ride with a local pilot!
This is also a fly-in for pilots in the southwest. Sedona Airport invites all to fly in and meet and greet the public and fellow pilots. If you are interested in displaying your unique or vintage aircraft please Contact Jake Allen (928)282-4487 ext#5
Food, beverages, and entertainment for the whole family will be at the event!

Four Monocoupes and their owners

The following photos were posted by Dan McNeill on the Monocoupe Facebook Group.

The following four Monocoupes attended the Luscombe flyin at Columbia, CA this past weekend.

Eldon Iler and NC11782, a Model 90A with a Warner 145:

Brant Seghetti and NC15440, a Model 90A with the Warner 145:

Chris Galloway and NC18056, a Model 90A with the Warner 145:

Rick Atkins and NC110SP, a Model 110 Special, clipwing, with a Warner 185:

What an honor to see these four Monocoupes together!  Thanks for flying them in.