Cabin Area

Norman Cowell, owner of NC533W, provided the Monocoupe drawings for the seat frame, seat back, and the floorboards.  I had the original seat frame, but it was a little bent from the accident in 1968.

I was able to layout the seat back top on AutoCad and then printed out a template for bending the tubing.







I screwed a bunch of wood blocks to the work bench and bent up the tube pieces.





Layed the whole piece out on the pattern, then welded it up.







Working on floor boards below, making patterns first out of MDF just to make sure everything fits ok.  Used this Monocoupe print to make the patterns.




Final fitting of the mahogany plywood floorboards.  Cover plates fabricated and installed for inspecting the bungee cords.  Floorboards held in place with countersunk screws fastened into nutplates installed into tabs.

Finishing up the seat backs below.