Instrument Panel

Starting to play with panel layouts. I’m pretty open to ideas and suggestions.  I know what instruments were in the plane when delivered from the factory, and may try to go as original as possible.

Part of the process is to see what will actually fit with the assorted tubing between the panel and the firewall.  I got a panel with the project and that gave me a starting point to cut out a blank for prototyping layouts.  Also, Norman found and forwarded Monocoupe drawings instrument panels.  Interestingly, the drawings were very similar to the panel that came with the project.


Above is a new revision of the instrument panel, made from some scrap wood I had in stock, with some of my instruments installed. This is very close to what I believe was original.

I’m undecided at this point about an electrical system or not.  The plane had a wind driven generator installed when it last flew, and there is a 337 approval for the installation in the aircraft file.  That is why i’ve mocked up a small electrical panel with an amp gauge in the example above.

Some art work for fuel selector.