NC12350 had a 337 dated December 10, 1946, when a battery box was installed behind the baggage compartment and a wind driven generator was installed.  This was still on the plane when it last flew.



I fabricated a new battery box and installed it using the mounting tabs that were present on the tubes behind the baggage compartment.




I made the battery box so that the top and the front come off as a unit.  It will be very easy to service the battery, especially leaning through that narrow door and reaching aft to access the battery.



I mounted the battery master solenoid on the box and fabricated 2AWG cables.  There is a ground lug where the box bolts to the airframe.




My plane had a wind driven generator and the bracket used to attach it to the airframe was with all the parts.  I modified the bottom half to use some streamlined tubing that I had left over from making the landing gear struts.


I got this idea from Cam Blazer’s 90A with the Warner 165hp motor.  This attach bracket includes the two steel plates separated by a thin sheet of rubber to act as  a shock mount.



At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to use the wind driven generator, but I wanted to get it all mounted up and have it ready to go should I decide to use it.










I have provided links to the installation manual and other paperwork below.  Click on a page image to bring up a larger view in a new browser window, at which point you can do a right click—save as to save the image to your local disk.