Landing Gear Designs

The following table was generated from information in the Model 110 TCDS-327 and Model 90, 90A, 90AF, and 90AW TCDS A-306.  It shows the eligibility of the 4 different types of landing gear configurations on the different models.

Monocoupe landing gear designs table

NC533W original oleo landing gearNC533W, a Model 110 with the oleo landing gear and 6.50-10 wheels.  This photo was from early in the life of this plane.




NC533W type F racing gearNC533W, a Model 110, was sent back to the factory at some point in its life and was “re-manufactured’ with the “Type F” landing gear and 18×8-3 wheels.




NC501W type F racing gear, also called narrow gearN501W, a Model 110 Special with the “Type F” landing gear and 6.50-10 wheels.





Monocoupe 90A with Optional Type F gearModel 90A with the “Optional Type F” landing gear. In this installation, the streamlined tie rod has been replaced with streamlined tube.






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