Tail Feathers

Monocoupe 110 tail feathers 1The project included the original Model 110 tail feathers, complete with the original woodwork.  Of course, all of the woodwork needed to be replaced, but it was handy to have it as a guided and for patterns.  Not many people know that the Model 110’s had a jackscrew to raise and lower the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer for elevator trim.  Notice in the picture  how the front stabilizer struts enter the fuselage with vertical slots cut into the fabric.

Monocoupe 110 tail feathers 2The trailing edge of the stabilizer pivots on the attach bolt.  The front center of the stabilizer attached to a jackscrew.  Notice the fairing on top of the fuselage, in front of the vertical fin.  This fairing pivots on a hinge as the leading edge of the stabilizer moves up/down.  Total up/down travel seems to be between 1.25 and 1.50 inch as measured on NC12350, NC533W, NC18629 and NC16842.

horizontal stabilizer 3Original wood work on horizontal stabilizer was carefully removed to be used as a pattern.  Center pieces are basswood covering supported by spruce ribs.  Leading edges are balsa wood.




horizontal stabilizer 4Spruce ribs span the distance between the balsa wood on the leading edge and the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer.





Vertical stabilizer 6Vertical stabilizer has similar wood treatment; balsa wood shapes the leading edge and spruce ribs provide some shape and support for rib stitching.




new wood on horizontal stab 9Vertical fin have been bead blasted, inspected, and primed with epoxy primer.  New wood is on and here it is assembled to check alignment and fit of wood on the vertical fin with the rudder.






new wood on horizontal stab 10Horizontal stabilizer wood going together with a good view of the spruce ribs and the basswood covering.  On the left, you can just see how the balsa wood was notched to provide a smooth transition to the thin 1/16″ thick basswood sheet.



fitting tail 14Tail assembled on fuselage, testing fit, testing rigging and operation of the jackscrew.





jackscrew 15Jackscrew mechanism.






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