The Fuselage

Monocoupe 110 fuselage and Edmundson Owl motor mountDon Sitta, the previous owner of this project, had sent the fuselage to Ed Saurenman, the holder of the Monocoupe 110 Type Certificate, to rebuild the fuselage to original specifications.



Edmundson Owl motor mountAt the same time, the original Warner 125 motor mount was removed and the mount was upgraded to conform to Monocoupe drawing SK02.  This mount will support Warner motors up to 200 hp and allows the use of Lord bushings, which greatly helps with reducing the transmission of motor vibrations into the fuselage.   Also, the fuselage was upgraded from the narrow body configuration to the wide body configuration as used on the Clipwings.

Original Warner 110/125 hp motor mountOriginal Warner 110/125 motor mount.






Fuselage bead blasted and epoxy primed

The fuselage was bead blasted and primed with epoxy primer.





Fuselage bead blasted and epoxy primed