Firewall Fabrication

making patterns for firewallThere was only one small piece of the original firewall included with the project, so once again, I was starting from scratch.  I made poster board patterns for all of the pieces.  The firewall is comprised of 9 individual pieces of stainless steel. More pictures of the patterns can be found in the gallery at the bottom of this page.


firewall 6There are two side pieces which form the main shape of the firewall forward of the rudder pedals.  It took several iterations to get the shape and curve just right.  I was happy with the third pair made.  Both edges of this piece need a flange to attach to other pieces.  The straight flange on the left side was bent in a brake.  The curved flange on the right was hammer formed on a piece of MDF cut to the shape with the edge radiused appropriately.  The curved flange got 10 nutplates for easy attachment of the main firewall piece.



firewall 11


The top is comprised of three separate pieces: a triangular center piece, and two curved pieces that go up to the windshield tube.  Flanges on each piece with nutplates to attach to the adjacent piece.

Main center piece.  Two side pieces that are form shaped around to meet up with the sides of the fuselage.  A small bottom piece that gets final trimmed to fit the boot cowl.  The protective plastic sheet is still on the stainless steel.

More pictures of the firewall are in the gallery below.