Windshield-pattern-from-Monocoupe-drawing Like most things, I had to make a windshield, starting from scratch.  There is a hand drawing of a windshield outline floating around with Monocoupe drawings.  I’m pretty sure it is specific to Warner 185 powered clipwings based on the size around the boot cowl (lower windshield base).  I made a pattern onto brown paper (from that drawing outline) so I could hold it up in place and see how well it fit my configuration (Warner 145 Model 110). It was kind of close, but not really usable.






Here is what the original windshield and side windows looked like on NC12350.  Notice the small triangle windows, between  the windshield and  the side windows.  These are alway eliminated on clipwings, but I wanted to retain them.




making- a-new-windshield-patternSo the problem is to create a pattern that spans the gap between the top of the boot cowl and the leading edge of the wing, that has the shape desired.  I decided to use the approach shown to the left, which uses a bunch of aluminum strips taped in place where I wanted the windshield to be.  That gave me a backing upon which to make the pattern.  Pictured is the first attempt, which turns out was the wrong shape, the top center of the windshield needs to lay up on the leading edge of the wing, instead of just underneath it.

windshield-pattern-8-14-2012-1So, after a couple of attempts, and moving from brown paper to poster board and eventually to some 1/8″ thick melamine I had a pattern that fit great.











I made the windshield from 0.118″ plexiglass.  I used a bandsaw with a 18 tpi blade to cut it out.  Sanded all the edges.  It wraps nicely around the curvature of the boot cowl and hugs the leading edge nicely.




I made trim strips all around from aluminum.  You can see the bottom trim strip, screwed in place, in the two pictures above.

Upper trim strips comprised of a smaller center piece and then two longer side pieces.






At the front, the wing root fairings have to meet up with windshield trim pieces.  There is a short piece that has quite a bit of shape in it, that “rounds the corner” and bumps out over the front spar attach bolt and the fuel line.  It is then riveted  to a piece that goes aft above the door and ends just aft of the rear spar attach bolt.  It too, is bumped out in the vicinity of the rear attach bolt for clearance.  This piece is then riveted to the final piece which continues aft to the trailing edge of the wing.

I fabricated a skylight and gas tank covers.

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