They Fly Stars and Stripes

From: The Niagara Falls Gazette, October 20, 1934 

They Fly Stars and Stipes N501W

Caption: John Polanda of Lynn, Mass., and Jack Wright of Utica, N.Y. (left to right above) with the plane in which they are competing for the London-Melbourne air race prizes.  At right: Jacqueline Cochran.

Text: While other American entries in the $50,000 London-Melbourne air derby were quietly grooming their ships for the strenuous flight, Jacqueline Cochran, of New York, only American woman entered, stole the show at Heaton Airdrome because English reporters found her inaccessible for interviews.  Wesley Smith, of Philadelphia, is her pilot.  She is competing against a dozen English craft and two American crews: John Polanda and Jack Wright, and Clyde Panghorn and Colonel Roscoe Turner.

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