Walt Jackson and N15E

I found the following picture at this link.  Part of a collection of aircraft photos by Ed Coates.

Walt Jackson and Monocoupe 110 N15E

The caption for the picture was:

This is the clipped wing Monocoupe 110 (nine feet taken off the regular110 model’s span), built in 1949. Powered by a 200 hp Warner Super Scarab, this baby cruised at 216 mph, and was stressed for 12 Gs. This aircraft is restored and is on display at the Air Venture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The above photograph was supplied by Monocoupe in 1950. The inscription on the cabin door reads ‘Walt Jackson’ Presumably that is Mr. Jackson standing proprietarily alongside the helmeted cowling. Details, anyone?

Jim Heim told the following story about Walt Jackson:

The story about Walt Jackson always sorta amused me. I never met the man, corresponded with him once, many years ago, don’t know if he’s still around. A good friend of mine out here knew him back there in Texas. Chuck Flemming. According to Chuck, he and Walt were at the field one day with Walt’s ‘Coupe outside parked by a brand new Beech Bonanza. Walt, in his old bib overalls was visiting with Chuck near the Bonanza when the owner arrived with a couple of girls. One of the girls made a comment to the effect of what kind of plane was the Monocoupe. The Bonanza owner’s reply was somewhat derogatory concerning old rag and tube airplanes such as that. They boarded the Bonanza and taxied out. Walt’s comment to Chuck was, ‘Watch this’, and he followed them out in the ‘Coupe and took off right behind them. He promptly rolled the ‘Coupe inverted and went past them on the climb out. He flew the pattern inverted, rolled out on final and landed only to be met by the CAA inspectors who happened to be on the field. According to Chuck, that was the last time Walt ever flew that Monocoupe. Now Chuck is a pretty straightforward person, I know the ‘Coupe sat in a hangar there for years and years so I suspect this is pretty much what happened.

I wonder if the story is true?